The “Slow Season” Never Comes

We engage with dealers all the time that are straight out, so busy that they can’t imagine spending any time on forward thinking, strategy, or anything else besides that day’s to- do list. They say: “I know I need to find time to address these things, but now is not the time, I’m too busy. […]

Want more young people to join your team? Try an internship program.

         Photo by Andrej Lišakov on Unsplash   For a long time, we have heard from dealers that they feel the “younger generation” is not interested in the LBM field, and they wonder how to change that? “Here’s one thing that works – Internships”! The peak of your season coincides fairly well […]

Attracting young people to the LBM business

  For many years, we have heard frustrated dealers lament… young people don’t want to work at lumber yards. Where are our future leaders going to come from as we move into retirement? If you are one of those who find it difficult to hire young, energetic employees who are driven to grow and take […]

Do you have a process to evaluate the productivity of your inventory?

Inventory decisions are at the heart of an ultimate Lumber Yard goal: getting the right product to the right customer at the right time—via the right channel—at the right price, while being profitable! With the New Year upon us, many lumber yards are taking physical inventories. If some of your inventory has had more than […]

Are you too busy working in your business to work on your business?

If you are like many lumber yard operators, you are up every day working before dawn and long after the sun sets. You live, eat, breathe, and sleep the business. You know your customers by name and have your fingers on the pulse of daily operations, finance, product and inventory, delivery, ordering and personnel. But […]

Customer Evaluation Leads To Profit Improvement

Many dealers find themselves in the position of managing the size of their teams in direct proportion to sales – as sales grow, they add more people. In the latest addition of “Evaluation Leading to Action”, we would like to suggest a different approach. Let’s think in terms of what our real mission is, to […]

Thinking about the future of your business? There’s a lot for you to consider…

Despite loving your business, everyone has to face the day that one must leave, either because of age, health, or any number of other reasons. In our observations talking with many in the LBM industry, from dealers, to vendors and partners, they have confirmed “the elephant in the room”. Many lumber yard owners don’t really […]

LBM Pricing: Don’t leave money on the table!

We see all sorts of approaches to pricing in lumber yards. The disparity is nothing, if not fascinating. Some yards rely on their road sales people to set prices based on an overall margin goal. Some set prices once a week or month, and then hold the salespeople to those prices. Some let salespeople override […]

Making Your Data Actionable, Evaluation Leading To Action

Have you been capturing lots of data? If you are like many lumber yard dealers, you may be wondering how to best leverage all of this information? I like to think of data in terms of your Customers, Products, Channels or Markets. Let’s start at the beginning without getting too technical and focus on your […]

With the New Year upon us, do you have an actionable marketing plan in place for your LBM business?

As marketers, we are concerned with the interaction between the business and the marketplace. Most successful marketers have a process to provide focus in developing well-grounded strategies, to make strategic decisions. I like to think of strategies as the sequence of events necessary in order to produce the desired outcome. If you haven’t developed a […]