Making Your Data Actionable, Evaluation Leading To Action

Have you been capturing lots of data? If you are like many lumber yard dealers, you may be wondering how to best leverage all of this information? I like to think of data in terms of your Customers, Products, Channels or Markets. Let’s start at the beginning without getting too technical and focus on your […]

With the New Year upon us, do you have an actionable marketing plan in place for your LBM business?

As marketers, we are concerned with the interaction between the business and the marketplace. Most successful marketers have a process to provide focus in developing well-grounded strategies, to make strategic decisions. I like to think of strategies as the sequence of events necessary in order to produce the desired outcome. If you haven’t developed a […]

Are you susceptible to workplace harassment or discrimination charges?

The headlines are filled with people coming forward with claims of inappropriate contact, misuse of power, discrimination and toxic work environments. Lumber Yards are not immune to these claims and the potential fallout that ensues. What steps have you taken to minimize your risk? What risks are there? This is a difficult issue, and many […]

Has your marketing moved from a “one size fits all” approach? If not you are behind the curve.

It seems like LBM Marketers are behind other industries when it comes to giving customers a great experience. I am not talking about customer service, I mean customer engagement marketing. Customers today have blurred the line between online and offline interactions and they expect a seamless experience no matter how they choose to connect with […]

So you think you know your customer?

Most LBM dealers have built good relationships with their best customers, and you may think you know your customer, but how much do you really know? Not all customers have the same needs, wants and behaviors. As LBM Dealers embrace more of an Omni-Channel marketing approach, leveraging your customer data is foundational to understanding them […]