Has your marketing moved from a “one size fits all” approach? If not you are behind the curve.

It seems like LBM Marketers are behind other industries when it comes to giving customers a great experience. I am not talking about customer service, I mean customer engagement marketing.

Customers today have blurred the line between online and offline interactions and they expect a seamless experience no matter how they choose to connect with your business.

LBM Marketers need to recognize that there are new requirements that pertain to today’s complex environment. You need to be able to tie together every interaction, from in-yard, to online, mobile to store, in-order to remain competitive. Today you must understand how your customers behave on the path to purchase.

Some things to consider:

Your customers are no longer just a postal or email address. They are now a cookie ID, mobile number, IP address, Facebook ID, Twitter ID, or a house account number. As a result, it is critical for you to understand which channel will be most effective in reaching and engaging your customers, to efficiently optimize and execute effective marketing campaigns.

Don’t forget, your Pro Customer is a consumer too and they receive relevant offers from leading companies and brands throughout their typical day. Shouldn’t yours be one of them!

This blog was written by Jack Leary Vice President & Partner at Impact 180 Consulting Group & Lumber Contacts Inc. Feel free to contact Jack at, [email protected].