Are you too busy working in your business to work on your business?

If you are like many lumber yard operators, you are up every day working before dawn and long after the sun sets. You live, eat, breathe, and sleep the business. You know your customers by name and have your fingers on the pulse of daily operations, finance, product and inventory, delivery, ordering and personnel. But is having your fingers on the pulse of everything limiting your longer term potential?

There is a term we like to use, “working in the business verses working on the business”. While the easy answer is you need to do both, in practice this is a challenge for many. If you focus on one or the other, the business and you can get out of balance. Say you are working 10-12 hours a day, how much of that time is spent working on the present and the future? Could you give 2 hours a day towards the future? What could you do with that time?

Here are some ideas to help stimulate your thinking:

I suggest you think about the things are you doing on a regular basis and ask yourself if you personally have to do them? There isn’t anyone right or wrong answer and every situation is unique. The important thing is you are in action to change your old routine. If you think allocating 2 hours a day is too much, start with 1 hour a day. I promise the business will survive and you might be surprised who steps up in your operation to fill in.

This article was written by Jack Leary, Vice President and Partner at Impact 180 Consulting Group & Lumber Contacts Inc. Feel free to contact Jack at, [email protected].