With the New Year upon us, do you have an Actionable Marketing Plan in place?

We hear all the time from LBM dealers that they struggle with marketing planning. For many, they just need some help in developing an actionable plan. For others, it appears the focus is on marketing tactics verses marketing strategy.

Most successful marketers have a process to develop well-grounded strategies to make strategic decisions. I like to think of strategies as the sequence of events necessary in order to produce the desired outcome. Strategies are broad and should provide direction for all areas of your plan. Tactics on the other hand, are the actual means used to execute your strategies in order to achieve your business goals.

As marketers, we should be concerned with the interaction between the business and the marketplace. That means your marketing planning should be integrated across all channels. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some things to consider as part of your process:

While this list is not meant to be all inclusive, having answers to these types of questions can enable the development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing strategy, while mitigating your business risk.

I try to simplify things when whenever I can, so the most import question I always try to answer: If you can do one thing that would have the biggest impact on your business next year what would it be? The answer is probably a great place to start.

This blog was written by Jack Leary Sr. Vice President & Partner at Impact 180 Consulting Group. Feel free to contact Jack at, [email protected]