Human Resources

The Client: A Midwest 2 Store Family Owned Lumber Yard

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Our lumberyard client had no formalized Human Resources structure. They knew that they were exposed on several fronts, and found potential employees were expecting a more professional approach, and therefore were less likely to accept offers of employment. They needed a solution that was created specifically for lumberyards rather than adapting documents developed from other industries.


We reviewed all existing documentation, and actual workplace practices. We interviewed many employees, in many different positions. In addition, all benefits, and compensation plans were reviewed.


Create a formalized structure for HR. We developed a complete policy and procedure manual, employee handbook, job descriptions and performance appraisal program. Recommendations for work scheduling, chain of command and incident documentation were also made. In addition, a role for a part time HR manager was created.


The client now has a transparent, formalized HR program created specifically for a lumberyard business. Employees report greater job satisfaction, and the client is better equipped to attract new hires. The business is better protected, as it now has written policies and an employee handbook, that includes conduct, ethics and privacy standards.