Logistics & Fleet Management

The Client: A Midwest Do-It-Best Lumberyard

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The lumberyard client was in fast growth mode, struggling to manage its customer delivery challenges. They were dealing with diverse fleets, operating out of multiple locations, allowing the sales force to set priorities as they saw fit. Vehicles were dispatched inefficiently.


Management was asked to identify their vision of success in this project. We thoroughly examined the logistics of the business, top to bottom. We interviewed various stakeholders, and analyzed the statistics and related expenses.


Research and review several logistics software programs, and recommend one that was compatible with the clients POS system, had route optimization features as well as the ability to better manage the fleet, it’s maintenance and fuel efficiency. In addition, work rule changes were recommended and accepted by the client.


The client declared the project was a success. They have a more efficient fleet, have reduced fuel consumption, and driver overtime. Vehicles are tracked in real time, affording both customers and the sales team visibility, any time from anywhere.